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At Medications Canada, all information you provide us is held in the strictest confidence in accordance with the pharmacy laws of Canada. We are also proud members of the following:

Pharmacy Checker

Pharmacy Checker checks the credentials of MedicationsCanada to ensure that all important safety criteria is met. Safety criteria includes having a pharmacy license, requiring a prescription for all prescription medications, to not ship controlled medications, enforcing a strict privacy policy,  ensuring all financial and personal information is secure, and providing contact information for patients.

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Pharmacy Checker Seal


The Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA) seal certifiies that Medications Canada is licensed, ethical, professional, carries out the highest standards of practice, and regulated by the government for safety to ensure its' patients are purchasing quality prescription drugs at affordable prices.

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Canadian International Pharmacy Association Verified Member


The International Pharmacy Association of British Columbia (IPABC) ensures that Medications Canada is an ethical and professional practice that delivers high quality and affordable medications to patients around the world.


McAfee is trusted by Medications Canada for their unmatched security expertise and have confidence in the comprehensive and proven solutions to effectively block attacks and prevent disruptions on our website.

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GeoTrust is trusted by Medications Canada to secure all Medications Canada online transactions. Our range of digital certificate and trust products enables Medications Canada to maximize the security of their digital transactions.

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