Canadian Pharmacy Facts

Canadian Medications

Over the last while, FDA representatives have been quoted as saying that any Americans shopping for Medications outside of the United States, should do it through Canada as drug regulations and testing systems are similar to the US.

Most of the drugs that are shipped to you are produced by the same manufacturers at the same facilities as the drugs that you are currently purchasing right now.

The sale of medications is strictly regulated by the Canadian government.

Medications are regulated by the FDA in the US and by Health Canada in Canada. These regulatory bodies ensure that strict guidelines are followed before a medication can be released into the market.

Canada has University trained pharmacists that must pass stringent provincial and federal exams prior to becoming licensed pharmacists.

Generic Drugs

Generic drugs are cost affordable alternatives to brand name medications. A generic drug is one that contains the same pharmaceutical agent as the brand name drug. Generics can be produced once the patent of a brand name drug expires. Generic companies are able to manufacture the same chemical ingredients that are found in brand name drugs at substantially reduced costs. In Canada all generic products must meet stringent testing to ensure that these drugs work as effectively as the brand name versions. This testing occurs prior to any generic medication being allowed into the market. In fact, the generic versions of some drugs are manufactured by the same companies and at the same locations as the brand name versions.

Make sure you ask your doctor about the availability of generic drugs. After all, it’s your money – why not use it wisely!

Canadian Pharmacies

Canadian pharmacies are known for offering some of the highest standards for quality and safety around the world. They are staffed by fully qualified pharmacists, highly trained technicians and regulated by the government of Canada.

Canadian pharmacies have always played a vital role in providing affordable healthcare to all Canadians. Now, they are helping our neighbors down south obtain high quality prescription drugs at a fraction of the cost.

There are over 7000 pharmacies across Canada, many of which sell prescription medications to American citizens.

Canadian Pharmacists

In Canada, there are over 26,300 licensed pharmacists working in pharmacies and hospitals across the country. In order to become a licensed pharmacist in Canada, an individual must be University trained and pass provincial and federal exams. Licensed Pharmacists must adhere to stringent regulatory guidelines set out by pharmacy governing councils. Pharmacists in Canada are dedicated professionals that are concerned about the health and well being of their patients.